Wellist.com is available for free to patients and caregivers. It can help you find over 20 support services that make life easier outside the hospital — from home cleaning to meal delivery to transportation to integrative therapies.¬†Wellist can help manage the costs of these services by prioritizing those that are free or lower cost. Using Wellist, you can also create a gift registry so friends and family members know how to help.

Find support now at mghcc.wellist.com or call Wellist at (855) 935-5478 if you have any questions.

Based on your preferences, Wellist can make recommendations for you in over 20 categories:

Basics: Grocery, Transportation, Meal Delivery, Laundry, Lodging, Parking
Lifestyle: Fitness, Integrative Therapy, Massage, Pharmacy, Wigs/Appearance, Leisure
Community: Financial Services, Legal Services, Interpreter Services, Support Groups, Religious Groups, Retreats
Home: Home Cleaning, Child Care, Pet Care, Lawn Care, Home Care, Home Modifications