Chaplaincy Program

Spiritual support helps when:

  • Struggling to find meaning in illness
  • No nearby family or friends area able to be with you
  • Preparing for surgery, chemotherapy or other procedures
  • You would like a blessing, prayer or other comfort
  • Feeling anxious or fearful and would like someone to talk with or confide in

A holistic approach to healing calls for total care, including body, mind and spirit. Life-altering concerns are at the heart of many health issues, especially after diagnosis: You might ask “Why me?” or “How will I cope?” Belief systems provide frameworks for making sense of existence; they suggest ways of responding to ultimate questions of meaning. People find their spirituality helps them to cope with illnesses, traumas, losses, and life transitions. Each person has their own experience of cancer, and spiritual care involves supporting a patient’s/family’s beliefs, which may include following a particular religion, having a relationship with a higher power or simple wonder at life’s mysteries.

Meditation for Relaxation Workshop
Learn the basics including mindful breathing and visualization/guided imagery for relaxation and healing.

Educational Spiritual Workshops – Click here for a calendar of all of our workshops