MGH Cancer Care Equity Program

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While each clinical trial schedule is different, often patients have frequent treatment and follow-up appointments. This can present very unique obstacles and difficulties to each and every one of our patients. While obstacles can range from needing child care to difficulty taking time off of work to requiring special transportation for a handicap, many challenges to clinical trial participation are financially-based. Even when patients have insurance that covers medical costs, there are many other costs, such a gas, hotels, and childcare, that can take a toll on patients and their families.

Mass General Cancer Center recognizes these challenges and has developed the MGH Cancer Care Equity Program (CCEP) to provide support to its patients who are financially burdened by clinical trial participation. We strongly believe that all patients, regardless of financial resources, should have access to the many cutting-edge clinical trials available at Mass General.

Contact for More Information or to Apply to the ProgramĀ 
Sarah Ivan, Project Manager
Phone: 617-643-5970