Community Locations

Massachusetts (Mass General Licensed)
Mass General Cancer Center at Mass General West in Waltham | Phone 781-487-6100
   Medical Oncology
   Radiation Oncology
   Surgical Oncology

Mass General Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital—Bethke | Phone: 978-287-3436
   Medical Oncology
   Radiation Oncology
   Thoracic Surgery Consults

Mass General / North Shore Cancer Center | Phone: 978-882-6060
   Medical Oncology
   Radiation Oncology
   Surgical Oncology

Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Radiation Oncology at Newton-Wellesley Hospital |
Phone: 617-219-1200 | Thoracic Surgery | Phone: 617-243-6447
   Radiation Oncology
   Surgery (Breast, Colorectal, Endocrine, and Thoracic)

Massachusetts (Community Partner licensed)
Boston Medical Center | Phone: 617-638-7070
   Radiation Oncology

Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Mass General Cancer Center @ Cooley Dickinson Hospital | Phone: 413-582-2000

Lowell General Hospital | Phone: 978-937-6800
   Surgery (Consultations and minor thoracic procedures)

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital
Mass General Hematology/Oncology Service @ Martha’s Vineyard Hospital | Phone: 508-957-0119
   Medical Oncology

Nantucket Cottage Hospital
Mass General Hematology/Oncology Service @ Nantucket Cottage Hospital | Phone: 855-508-5275
   Medical Oncology

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Thoracic Surgery at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center | Phone: 617-789-2903
   Surgery (Thoracic—lung, esophagus, and chest wall)

Holy Cross Hospital | Phone: 954-267-7700

Lee Memorial Health System | 239-343-9555

Central Maine Medical Center | Phone: 207-795-2935
   Surgery (Gynecologic oncology)

New Hampshire
Exeter Hospital | Medical Oncology Phone: 603-580-7336 | Radiation Oncology Phone: 603-580-7337
Mass General Radiation and Hematology/Oncology Services @ Exeter Hospital
   Medical Oncology
   Radiation Oncology

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center | Phone: 603-577-2000
   Medical Oncology
   Surgical Oncology (Thoracic, breast and gynecologic oncology)

Wentworth Douglass Hospital | Phone: 603-742-8787
Thoracic Surgery @ Wentworth Douglass Hospital
   Surgical (Thoracic—lung, esophagus, and chest wall)