Maxwell V. Blum Support and Education Hub

Maxwell V. Blum Support and Education Hub is the home of the Blum Cancer Resource Program.  Recognizing that cancer can affect your mind, spirit, and soul as well as your body, the Hub is designed to meet a range of patients’ and caregivers’ unique needs:  emotional, social, spiritual, informational, and practical.  Here, you have access to an experienced cancer care team.  An Oncology Social Worker, Nurse Educator, and Health Educator will welcome you to a caring community and guide you towards available Cancer Center programs and services to help you maintain balance and well-being.

You are welcome to drop by the Hub Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm.
Healing Garden

Howard Ulfelder, MD, Healing Garden

Whether you’re in search of fresh air or a quiet spot, Mass General Cancer Center’s Howard Ulfelder, MD, Healing Garden offers a soothing environment.


Mass General Hospital recognizes that meeting the spiritual and religious needs of our patients and their families is an important part of caring for the whole person.